This climber can climb!

We love it when SBrick is used in creations that are designed to do something, like this incredible climber. Check out this video by the Brick Experiment Channel to get the answer to that question you’ve always asked, namely “can my car drive over that?”

SBrick Light; a first look!

We’re in the final stages of finishing SBrick Pro, our new app. Packed with new features, it will let you control not only LEGO devices but other devices as well. Racing Brick has the first look at the beta-version, and he likes it! Thank you Balazs! SBrick Pro has many important features, one of the […]

IMPACT EdTech chooses SBrick!

Now it’s been officially announced, we’re really happy to say that SBrick has been selected by the Impact Ed Tech program from hundreds of applicants! Madrid, October 19, 2020.- IMPACT EdTech, the European Incubator-Accelerator that helps EdTech start-ups and SMEs turn ideas into market-ready products, has announced the names of the 15 selected start-ups entering the incubation stage of […]

SBrick: roadmap 2020-21

It’s been a crazy year for everyone, so it’s been a perfect time to step back and see what we’ve achieved so far, and to clarify our goals for the future. If you’ve wondered what our plans are for SBrick, then this post is for you. The story so far It’s been an incredible journey […]

Our packaging is here, and it’s beautiful!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “software is hard, but hardware is harder,” and when it comes to SBrick this is definitely the case. Both are difficult, but what makes hardware “harder” are delays if there are problems. Simply put, problems take longer to solve when it comes to hardware. This is why it’s very satisfying […]