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Colored cases for SBrick

SKU: N/A In stock

A 4-pack of colored cases make SBrick even cooler! Swapping colors is easy, simply take apart your SBrick with care, then change cases for different colors! Available in:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Mix (1 of each)



We know how important color can be when building beautiful creations, so we’ve made it easy to change the color of your SBrick to match your creations.

Whether you want to switch to red, black, yellow or white, it’s so simple!

SBrick is designed so you can take it apart and swap out the cases to add that extra touch to your models.


4-pack of color cases for SBrick.

The cases are available in white, black, yellow and red, or in a combination pack where you will get one of each color.

Make sure you choose the right color for you when you order!

You can see just how simple it is to replace the cases on SBrick in the video on the left.

You can change the cases using only your hands, no tools requried!