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SBrick Pro is
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We’re proud to accounce that SBrick was selected in September 2020 by  ISDI, an edtech Accelerator to further develop SBrick Pro to make it a powerful solution for teachers and students.

SBrick Pro makes it possible to use all of the programming and robotics devices together at the same time. Use everything you have in the classroom – be that all the different families of LEGO® electronics, together for the first time. Then add in other electronics you might have, including Micro:bit and Arduino, and create something with all the tools at your disposal!

Cheerful boy is making small robot and looking at it with curious smile. He sitting beside friend in workshop
At SBrick we have always wanted to create something that isn’t just fun to play with, but also great to learn with. We’re proud that thousands of teachers have introduced SBrick and SBrick Plus to their classrooms and afterschool programs.

We know now that children enjoy learning and actually learn better when fun is involved, which is something SBrick always brings to the classroom. Building something and then making it move always puts a smile on children’s faces!

SBrick lets teachers use all the equipment they have in the classroom across all skill levels, providing continuity in the classroom. This lets educators teach students using the same equipment, no matter the skill level of the pupils. This not only saves time in setting up a classroom, it also will save schools and colleges thousands in equipment purchases.


SBrick Pro has been designed to unleash the power of your classroom; use all LEGO electronics together, for the first time. And use other things as well! ?

Works with all LEGO families

SBrick Pro allows for the direct control of PF1 motors and lights, using SBrick. Also wControl+, Powered Up and the other LEGO electronic families can be controlled with our software.


Whether you’re just starting coding using a block-like language, or programming with Javascript, Python or other languages, SBrick Pro will work with what you need.

Designed for teachers

SBrick Pro has been designed from the ground-up to simplify teaching by creating a seamless “control layer” allowing for the control of the electronics in the classroom.

Continuity in the classroom is what all teachers are searching for.

SBrick Light is fun for education

SBrick Light is a perfect addition to the classroom. A standalone product, it can be used on its own, or integrated into other projects. It’s especially useful for setting up traffic scenarios.

Teachers; earn from your lessons!

SBrick Pro will evolve to include a marketplace where teachers can upload their lesson plans and classes, making it possible to earn more from a new revenue stream.

If you’re a teacher…

… join our SBrick Education group and tell us what you need!