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How to make your creations even smarter with SBrick?

We are proud of being one of the few who successfully created something that makes smert LEGO creations even smarter. Here we tried to collect everything you need to know about our main products.


SBrick is a perfect solution for a smarter and more convenient remote control for your models and more. Forget interference and dull controllers. You can even use the gyroscope of your phone for playing around

SBrick Plus

SBrick + Sensors + Programming. Are you interested in robotics? Want to learn or teach coding or ad even more adventure to your LEGO Kits. Use block based coding or your favourite language.

SBrick Light

SBrick Light is a beautiful programmable lighting solution which allows you to operate LEDs on your makets, models, dioramas and more. Discover one of the most customizable lighting for LEGO kits.

Which hub should I choose

The name “SBrick” comes from the “smart brick” expression. Our bricks serve as hubs for electronics. With the help of this system you can connect your creations to smart devices and have better control on their motors, lighting or even sensors.

In order to provide a holistic experience to anyone regardless of their level of expertise in programming, knowledge of LEGO or practice in construction, we created a range of hubs, kits and accessories that fit various needs. Let’s Discover!

I am into making modells
In case your aim is to build and control vehicles or machines, SBrick provides you a smooth way for that. It enables you to use the remote controller that fits best to your needs. With its Chip Tuning feature you can add more power to your motors. Drive with your tab, use a gamepad or grab your phone to play around.

SBrick Plus adds a next level to the game. With this hub the movements and actions will be programmable. With the help of sensors, your creature will react to its environment. In case you wish to create a realistic and interesting look to your builds, SBrick Light provides you a customizable, flexible lighting solution. SBrick Light helps you to control LEDs. Experiment with colours and effects and let you LEGO shine!

I want to learn coding
I love realistic creations

How to start

Smart, but simple. This was the principle of our design. We intended to create a plug-and-play solution that is easy to set-up and intuitive to play around with. Completely new to SBrick, do not worry. With a little help from our guides or the community, you will soon get the hang of it.

1. Plan and build

SBrick hubs are compatible with any LEGO Power Functions and WeDo 1.o devices. User our kits to build exciting machines, browse our materials, or plan and create your own design. There are colorful cases available for the hubs. Moreover, SBrick Light has a normal and a slim version as well, in order to fit perfectly into your build. Simply add your hub to the model.

Cheerful boy is making small robot and looking at it with curious smile. He sitting beside friend in workshop

2. Connect and activate

Grab the Bluetooth-capable device of your choice or use a Bluetooth dongle to enable transmission. Feel free to use a Mac, a PC, a Chromebook or any Android and iOS device to connect to your smart brick. Discover our Profile Designer and use the SBrick App to program and control your model. Our products are plug-and-play and our software contains the guidance you may need. 

Our software and hardware are easy to use and safe to play around with. Give yourself some time and experiment with different codes, options and designs. Create your own skins for your remote controller, discover more lighting options, drive and test your vehicles.

3. Share the Experience

LEGO fans form an always growing community. With our software it is even more simple to join this pack. We added powerful community functions to our app which enables you to organize competitions and share your thoughts. Register an  account to social.sbrick.com