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SBrick Plus is the the further developed concept of SBrick, more than a remote controller, this smart brick is now equipped with sensors to react to its environment. SBrick Plus is, moreover, programmable. This pushes the limits of what you can achieve with a simple LEGO set. Bring any of your LEGO Technic kits to the next level. Create robots, machines and add even more movements to your builds.

The idea behind SBrick Plus

With our original product, SBrick we wanted to create a smooth and creative gaming experience. SBrick Plus follows this path, but adds programming into the game. With SBrick, you can create pre-coded sequences that bring life to your models – but this is only the tip of the iceberg. With the help of sensors your build will be able to react to the world. From simple, remote controlled gadgets you have a straight way to robotics.

How to start?

1. Connect SBrick Plus to anyLEGO® Power Functions and WeDo 1.0 systems.  Your smart brick will use a Bluetooth connection and interacts your design – possibly even up to a 50 m range.
Hint: Use a Bluetooth dongle to connect devices without a built-in Bluetooth transmitter.

2. Launch Profile Designer and create your remote control.

3. Download SBrick App and use your own smart device as a remote controller.

Why SBrick Plus

Bluetooth Connection
Thanks for using Bluetooth instead of IR transmission there’s no interference with other devices. Use a dongle for older devices and connect SBrick plus directly to them.

We have successfully operated as many as 8 devices simultaneously (the number of devices depends on the specifications you use) without any difficulties and despite the fact that the BLE protocol of the prototypes is rather naïve it can be optimized somewhat. We also did not notice any interference from other Bluetooth devices, wifi routers or microwave ovens.

Get perfect control
Multiple programming languages
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Technical info

  • Weight: 12.9g
  • Enclosure size: 32x32x24mm, where 24mm is the height of the unit
  • Casing material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Plastic Enclosure: Changable
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C – 60°C
  • Recommended operating voltage range: 4V – 10.8V
  • Recommended maximum continuous current per channel: 1A
  • Absolute maximum voltage: 11.8V (Above this voltage, the motor driver ICs will be damaged)
  • Absolute maximum continuous current per channel: 2A, thermal shutdown is expected at this level. 
  • Absolute maximum peak current per channel: 3A
  • Absolute maximum continuous current intake from “0” and “9V” pins: 3A
  • Maximum continuous current intake from C1-C2 (using old, or 9V power supplies): 2A
  • Range: up to 50 meters. It’s dependent on the controlling device, the SBrick’s height from the ground, type and electrical properties of the ground, and the orientation of the unit. Deep “null” areas might exist closer to the SBrick than the maximum range.


Watch SBrick Plus

Looking for ideas? Check out how SBrick works. Here are some videos by our partners, creators and friends

Shop SBrick Plus

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