LEGO trains have – no doubt – their own fandom. Whether these are MOCs or kits, trains are spectacular on their own or as a part of cities, dioramas, and scenes. SBrick is a very practical too for them. There are functions, that are currently more difficult to solve with any other products on the market.

How can I use SBrick for my trains

SBrick can cover three important functions for building trains and sending them on the go.

  1. Remote Control: SBrick or SBrick Plus are easy to build into even the trickiest MOC. Our bricks use Bluetooth transmission; therefore there is no interference between controllers. It is possible to drive multiple trains on the same filed or operate multiple vehicles in the same room.
  2. Sensors: SBrick Plus is cabable of handling sensors. Therefore a plenty of functions, such as semaphores can be automazited. Create your own timetable and see your routes to be covered by the imaginary machinists. It is fun.
  3. Custom Lighting: SBrick Light is an easy-to-use solution to add lighting effects to vehicles and buildings alike. use it fro traffic lights, ambient lighting and more.

Is SBrick widely used in the LEGO train community?

Well, this question is relative, but our friend, Donát Raáb prepared a beautiful demonstration of how powerful SBrick inside a train is. Have a look at the videos and get some inspiration from our amazing builder.

Are there any custom solutions for trains?

In case you are a true train lover, you will enjoy MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth MattzoBricks is a creator with years of experience in building intelligent trains and other interesting conceptions. Ha agrees that SBrick is one of the easiest ways to motorize trains.

MattzoTrainController is his own digital solution that is compatible with multiple smart brick, including SBrick – of course. Is SBrick and trains easy to pair? Check out his creations and decide yourself!