With its new update, SBrick app can control the most popular smart hubs on the market. Free your mind and combine your favorite accessories in one creation. Third-party hub support also means that you can use Powered Up and Power Function plugs within the same model or you can integrate SBrick light even more easily. 

SBrick App currently supports the following hubs:

  • Boost
  • Buwizz 2.0 (power mode setting is coming with the next update)
  • Buwizz 3.0 Pro
  • Control+
  • Powered Up
  • WeDo 2.0
  • In preparation – coming in 2022: Spike Prime, PFx Brick, EV3

The use of different hubs requires an in-app purchase. Please note that the support of different accessories (motors, sensors, etc.) depends on the type of hubs you use. 


Q: How can I test it before the purchase?

A: Choose the “Hubs” menu in SBrick up and test the support.


Q: How can I purchase Third Party Driver Support?

A: Choose the “News” menu in the SBrick app and find the corresponding piece of news. Also, in case you set a tool attached to a third party hub in your profile, the app is going to offer you the option to purchase it when you start your profile. 


Q: If I have already purchased the Third Party Driver Pack in SBrick App but I want to use it with SBrick pro do I have to buy it again?

A: No, the function is available in both of our apps after the checkout. 


Q: If a new supported hub arrives I need to pay for it again?

A: In case a new hub becomes supported we may increase the price. However, those who have already purchased the support will get them automatically, without further extra costs.