SBrick Light is a custom lighting solution for LEGO creations. SBrick Light makes it possible to add ambient lighting to dioramas, to create indicators and stop signals for models or make special effects for your MOCs.  The design of SBrick Light is based on the experience of real creators. Therefore, we wanted to provide several options to fulfill different needs of different builders. As a result of this, we wanted to provide as many power supply options as possible. 

Light up existing creations!

SBrick Light is compatible with almost all LEGO kits; therefore, it is ready to be used with your existing design as well. We realized that several builders have already got their favorite accessories and solutions. Therefore, SBrick Light can be powered by:


Check our webshop for Power Functions Cables for SBrick Light or choose our value packs.

Play around cheap&easy

AC adapter is perhaps the most cost-efficient solution for those who wish to play around SBrick Light and experiment with the brick. You can supply the brick by simply plugging it into the wall.

Need an AC Adapter? Not only SBrick Light Starter Pack and SBrick Light Pro Pack come with one – we add it automatically to every order containing SBrick Light Hub.

USB Power is another very handy solution. Simply plug the USB Power Cable into your computer or into a power bank, then rise and shine.

Power on the go!

Models often require mobile solutions, this is why the normal (non-slim) version of SBrick Light can be used with 3xAAA batteries too.  Check out our power supply solutions in the following video too: