We’ve all heard the phrase, “software is hard, but hardware is harder,” and when it comes to SBrick this is definitely the case. Both are difficult, but what makes hardware “harder” are delays if there are problems. Simply put, problems take longer to solve when it comes to hardware. This is why it’s very satisfying when you finally get to the stage where you can hold the product in your hand, a product that only 10 months ago was nothing more than idea and a concept.

Now that we have moved on to the manufacturing stage, we can spend time on the cosmetic side of things, and here SBrick Light is a departure from SBrick and SBrick Plus. We think our packaging design is beautiful – it even looks like a present!  Better yet, it feels solid, dependable, powerful, and a serious product. In short, we love it!

Check out the packaging below, then head over to the shop and pick up an SBrick Light! (or SBrick Light Slim!)