Modular buildings provide one of the easiest ways to create grandiose structures and life-like creations with LEGO. Modular buildings are fun to work with. This series of kits is often praised for its nice details and stunning style. What are they exactly and why there’s an upgrade kit for them? Let’s see!

What are LEGO Modular Buildings?

Modular Buildings are a series of LEGO kits. The collection consists of different buildings in various styles. The sets series includes houses, shops, public places, stores, cinemas and other elements with interesting details and nice little features that provide each building a different character.

Modular buildings are easy to combine with one another and with other elements of the City collection too. These buildings are perfect to be merged into a beautiful, living town with its own infrastructure.

How can SBrick upgrade modular buildings?

Modular buildings are fun to build since almost each and every one of the sets has some hidden easter eggs. Writable signs, small jokes in the interior, beautiful niceties on the outside – the simple structure of the building has some many potentials that everyone will feel some success regardless of their previous experience with LEGO.

SBrick Light with LEGO modular building

At SBrick we like the simple concept of these LEGO kits. We love how much fun a building can provide on its on and how this can all be turned into a brand new experience by combining the structures with different LEGO elements.

We believe that these building fits very well to our concept about the experience of working with LEGO kits. We wouldn’t be satisfied by building only. We love vivifying the concept and get more out of something that is more stunning.

How does SBrick Ligh Modular Building Starter Kit work?

Our SBrick Light Modular Buildings Starter Kit is a part of our lighting concept for LEGO. The starter kit contains everything that may be necessary for creating custom, programmable lighting effects for any modular building.

Little details with SBrick Light and LEGO modular buildings

Of course, light is one of the most scenic and creative tools to vivify LEGO and there’s an infinite number of opportunities to let your fantasy work. However, we tried to narrow these down to a practical set of elements. With the help of these you can experiment with any modular buildings very easily.

What does the set contain and how should I use it?

The kit contains an SBrick Light hub, white and colorful LEDs, extension wires, splitters, replicators, and clips for easy building. Moreover, the set also provides access to building instructions and pre-set profiles that make the usage even simpler.

The set is compatible with any modular building, also all the elements can be (re)used for other purposes. This means that one single starter pack unlocks several opportunities instead of a one-time building experience. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to upgrade your LEGO or would like to make the best out of your existing sets.

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