LEGO is still among the most popular presents – regardless of the age of the receiver. Consequently, SBrick makes a perfect gift for many also. In this article we tried to create a little guide for those who want to surprise their brick fanatic loved ones.

I am not into LEGO. Explain to me the SBrick concept, please!

SBrick is an unofficial LEGO accessory. SBrick is the abbreviation for smart brick. Our smart hubs serve as a link between LEGO motors, lights, sensors, and a controller – usually a mobile device. With the help of SBrick hubs, it is possible to control LEGO creations remotely by using a mobile phone or computer.

In order to use SBrick, the builder is required to have a LEGO kit and perhaps some lights and motors (some of these are also available in our shops individually or as parts of our kits).

To whom it is a good present?

SBrick and SBrick Light is a perfect present for those who are able to play with complex LEGO sets such as City or Technic kits. Our concept can be used in different ways. Thanks to our guidance and UX solutions, SBrick can simply serve as a remote controller that enables the user to play around with a model for example. On the other hand, there is a possibility to program the bricks in a modular way or with almost any of the most popular coding languages.

In order to be able to use SBrick, there are no coding skills needed – but a basic technical understanding is nice to have.

Unboxing SBrick

Therefore, SBrick is a good present for those who like the technical side of LEGO and love building complex structures. On the other hand, it is a good accessory for those who possess LEGO buildings/models and are interested in vivifying and upgrading them turning a passive toy into an active one. Moreover, it is a good choice for those who are keen on learning programming and love experimenting. However, in this latter case, it is important to check is the receiver has a good set of LEGO bricks and accessories to play around with our solution.

Which product should I choose?

Depending on the preferences of your loved one, you can choose between several options.

In case you search for a present for your child or teen, we recommend our upgrade kits. SBrick Light Modular Building Starter Kit or SBrick Technic Car Starter Kit are sets to upgrade existing LEGO Technic or Modular Building kits. They contain everything to vivify an existing model with custom lighting effects. The packs contain instructions and access to pre-set profiles in the SBrick App – so that it is easier to start playing around with them.

How to set up SBrick for the first time

Our Starter Packs are perfect for AFOLs and TFOLs, teens and adults who like playing with LEGO and look for a way to get more out of their sets or MOCs (designs that they created on their own). The packs contain everything for trying out the concept. SBrick is a simple, cost-effective kit for remote control. SBrick Plus brings sensors and programming into the game.

In case your loved one is already familiar with SBrick, they may enjoy SBrick Light (a lighting concept that is based on our original SBrick concept). They would most probably be happy for getting a Pro os Starter pack – that contains everything that a little bit more experienced user would enjoy.

Hubs on their own are less suitable in case they would come as a surprise. Even though the package contains everything that is needed to use the hub itself, the recipient may not have all the important accessories in stock. We’d recommend Starter or Pro packs for a truly holistic experience.

Is SBrick suitable for children?

We see many kids playing around with SBrick. Our hubs are compatible with almost all regular LEGO sets, therefore if the kid can safely play with LEGO they may be able to play around with SBrick as well. However, SBrick is not necessarily a toy, it is rather a hobby or DIY accessory.

A whole new world with SBrick

We recommend SBrick for 12+ teens and for those who already have some experience with LEGO and who have good technical skills. SBrick requires an understanding of the basics of robotics, programming, and remote controlling; however, there’s no need for a deeper knowledge of programming.

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