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SBrick Light – Technic Car Kit

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The kit includes everything you need for your model vehicles to make them lifelike and realistic. With the help of the custom controller we created for you, it takes only a few minutes to configure your lighting.

The Kit includes the following items:




Get the full SBrick experience - easily!

Our builders recommend this pack for all other MOC car lovers to control and vivify your favorite vehicle! Save time on configuring your controller and setting up your lighting. Connect multiple hubs with one remote control profile in the Sbrick App, thanks to the 3rd party Driver Pack.

This set can enable you to use:

  • automatic index lights
  • headlights
  • brake lights
  • reversing lamp
  • hazard lights
  • scanning light

In order to drive your car, it has to be motorized already OR you should add Sbrick and Power Functions motors, maybe additional LEGO bricks, because this Kit does not contain these elements!

The Kit contains:

Building guides included based on set 42140, 42109.

Public Profiles are available for free with pre-programmed effects.

The Kit includes the in-app Driver Pack which lets you control all the hubs on the market, therefore you can configure multiple hubs under one control profile expanding the possibilities you can do with your build.

By default, the Car Kit includes the Normal version of the Light Hub with a battery holder to eliminate power cabling.

If you want to use Power Functions or Powered Up battery pack, please consider adding the adapter product.

An app above all

SBrick App is available for Android and iOS. Use the Profile Designer to create custom controllers for your creations and then use the app to control your model easily by using the touchscreen of your smart device. 

Our 3rd Party AppDriver Pack is a one-of-a-kind solution on the market. This app extension allows you to control the most popular smart hubs on the market. Feel free to combine your favourite solution in your creation and use the most convenient solution to get the most out of the LEGO experience. 

3rd Party AppDriver Pack is available in the form of an in-app purchase at the SBrick App. The normal price of the pack is 19-USD. However, it is offered as a free extra for this bundle.

See how SBrick Light can turn your modell into a lively creature:

We used our profile designer to create a custom controller to the most effective configuration of SBrick Light. We worked together with the most experienced builders to find the most perfect, handy and smooth solution.

Save time on planning, selecting and configuring the elements of your lighting solutions. Get a single, compact system that is ready to be used in your builds.