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Sbrick Light Clips Pack

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SBrick Light Clips to connect LEDs easier than ever before. Each pack contains 10-10-10 pieces of the different pin forms.
Please choose the opacity between transparent and opal:



SBrick Light Clips is available in different forms and versions in order to fit best to your ideas. Our newest piece of accessories provides you a faster and more convenient solution when it comes to adding custom lighting to your project. The clips are carefully designed to fit to any kits and ideas. Attach Clips to knobs of place them into the Technic pin hole and enjoy more freedom for your creativity.

Clips can be ordered in two different packages. Each pack contains 10-10-10 pieces of the different pin forms. White package is recommended for special effects such as fire or ambient lighting, while transparent Clips are perfect for models. Play around with them and create indicators, brake signals or even traffic lights.


1x1 Tile Clip

This Tile is ⅔ LEGO unit high and comes without knob

1x1 Tile with knob

This tile is ⅔ LEGO units high equipped with knob. This allows you to connect further transparent LEGO bricks (even of different colors)

Technic Pin Clip

This Clip is to be positioned into a Technic pin hole. It leaves enough place on the other side that allows it to be used as the closing element of an 1×1 round piece.

All these forms are available in transparent or opalescent version