The concept of SBrick was born on the Technic side of LEGO. We wanted to fill the missing link between motors, LEDs, sensors, and comfortable remote controllers. Therefore we created a concept that turns your mobile device into a Technic controller. Then SBrick Light came and changed the way we think about Technic completely. 

Turn your creation into a robot

If we want to simplify our concept we could say that our first smart brick was a remote controlling solution for LEGO. With the help of SBrick, you can create a custom controller for your set, regardless of your set-up. You can play around with your motors and LEDs quite freely and flexibly, even when it is a MOC and not a complete LEGO Technic Set. 


With SBrick Plus there is automation in the game. You can use sensors and you can pre-set your creation to react to its environment. Imagine a car that makes a gentle turn when it hits an obstacle or a truck that is voice-activated. With SBrick Plus it is possible. You can use your skills in robotics and test it yourself. 

Remote control – infinite options

As we see how our community uses SBrick, we can declare, that remotely controlled concepts are endless sources of fun. With SBrick cars, trucks and machines are able to turn, accelerate or even flip. They compete, climb obstacles or mimic the real world perfectly. 

SBrick uses Bluetooth technology. This is a cost-effective solution since almost every device can be turned into s controller. On the other hand, it enables the control of multiple set-ups in the same room without the risk of interference.

Create stunning effects

Our SBrick Light Technic Car Kit speaks for itself. It is a perfect package to create stunning effects and vivify your Technic car – or, better to say, vehicle – by adding lighting. SBrick Light is a programmable hub that controls RGB and white LEDs. With the help of this, you can add brake lights, indicators, or warning signals to your model. 

If you look forward to a more life-like or more stunning solution, SBrick Light is a great tool for you. The hub is available in two sizes and multiple colors so it is easier to hide in your model. With the help of Clips, the wiring is even easier. There are clips that fit for technic holes, but they can also be built to bricks with normal knobs too. 

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